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RSGP is an international software development and production company working with some of the largest brands in the world specialising in disruptive technologies and the development of state of the art software. RSGP is now growing its operations aggressively and entering a new exciting era.

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RSGP is part of River Valley Technologies which was set up in the UK by Dr Kaveh Bazargan in 1988. A physicist by training, his intense interest in the emerging area of desktop publishing led him to start a service company for publishers, with the aim of delivering cutting edge technology to academic publishers. 28 years later, the company has expanded internationally, and remains at the forefront of technology.

River Valley Technologies has always had a reputation for cutting edge technology. We were one of the first users of Adobe Illustrator. In 1989, we created the artwork for a book published by Blackwell Science (“Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations“). To our knowledge this was the first book published in the UK with computer generated illustrations. We pioneered the practice of scanning figures at high resolution and at print quality, directly from the desktop. This allowed full camera-ready copy to be delivered to publishers.

In 1999 River Valley Technologies came up with the revolutionary new idea of using “structured” TeX for delivering composition work to STM publishers. The system has stood the test of time to this day, and allows the efficient delivery of the most complex XML content.

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